Pack 400

Pack 400 Unit

Pack 400


Pack-400 specifically designed for the wrapping 1/4, 1/6 or 1/8 folded napkins by a

continuous film. Simplex, Duo, Duo-S, Harmony and Sense are suitable for Pack400.

The feeding conveyor the film cutting blade,film holes punchin,form-fill-sealand the

film feeding are controlled by a servo motor. It is highly efficient, easily operated and

high flexibilitywithfastformatschaneover. Convenientmaintainandcost-effective.

lnnouative functions: overflow product jam avoidence, electronic correction, motion speed auto function, tissue ouer lenght protection, tissue over width protection,magnetic clutch protection and heat resistant belt protection.

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Machine Specifications

Maksimum Machine Design Capacity : 45 pack per minute

Pack Size: min 20 mm to max 125 mm

Machine type : Rutomatic and electronic

Servo driven

ALLEN BRADLEY automation systems

Air Pressure : 6 BAR

Power need : 8,5 KVA

Compressed Air need : 400 Nl/minute

Noise : 80 DbA

Packaging material : PE-OPP-CPP