Simplex Unit



Simplex designed for the printing, embossing and foIding of napkin from a reel.Fullface or border embossing can be performed. Simplex is an economical line and best choice for new investors in convertin sector. 1/4, and 1/B folding sizes aresuitable for SimpleH.

Additional options:

Lamination unit

Lotion system

Printing up to 6 colour

Calendering unit

1,2 or 3 ply

Simplex Images

Machine Specifications

Maksimum Machine Speed: 450 meter per minute

Formats to Perform : 240 mm to 400 mm

Machine Type: Electromechanical

Seruo driuen

Installed Power : 5 KW

Air Pressure: 6 Bar

Compressed air requirement: 200 nl/minute

Noise : Less than 80 DbA

ALLEN BRADLEY automation systems

CE standard is EC2006/42 safety category C and D